3 Day Intensive

Course details, venue & pricing

Invest 3 days and acquire a mass of techniques and applications of Classical Feng Shui that will serve you the rest of your life!

Why a Career in Feng Shui?

In this course you will learn sophisticated techniques to accurately analyze the environment, important core skills and advanced applications that will prepare you to be a sought-after consultant. You will learn how to simultaneously use Eight Mansions and Flying Stars, the two most important systems for interiors as well as the powerful San He land formulas. Our classes are amazing, exciting and very effective, in just three days you’ll know how to apply your new or years of knowledge to create impressive results. Classical Feng Shui has not yet reached its zenith in America, so the bottom line is…if you want to be competitive, you need good skills!

Good Feng Shui practitioners are worth their weight in gold these days! That’s because they know how to make things happen by making correct Feng Shui assessments and offering effective recommendations. Therefore, learning from a highly qualified instructor will save you time, mistakes, and frustrations—harvesting the benefits of our experience. The American College of Classical Feng Shui (ACCFS) helps you practice the correct principles immediately and with confidence.

Around the world, Feng Shui is becoming a growing industry but is just beginning to gain traction in America—however it is not the Western styles, rather the traditional, authentic Feng Shui that is gaining respect and interest. The demand for skilled consultants who can produce results has far outstripped the supply. Many consultants charge $400 per hour for their work. Experienced practitioners are often hired for large projects for the development of master-planned communities, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and casinos. Large commercial projects like theses often command a significant consultation fee commensurate with the level of Feng Shui skills required to perform them.

Fee, cancellation and early bird discount

The fee for the 3-day training is $3800; sign up now and receive an early-bird discount, $3600 (you save $200); early-bird cut-off date is two weeks prior to the class. A full refund is given 30 days prior to the event; 10% fee is reserved for less than 30 days’ notice. Payment of cash, cashier’s check, PayPal, MasterCard and VISA is accepted. A payment plan is acceptable in increments.

Dates for class

This training intensive is offered on January 17-21, 2018 in The Woodlands, Texas. This class is also planned for September 2018 in Scottsdale, AZ. If you have five or more people and want us to consider coming to your city within North America (including Mexico & Canada), please contact our office at 713-897-1719. Classes start at 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM; generally Friday to Sunday.

Materials included

  • Course material (500 + pages)
  • Consulting Book (full-color professional charts)
  • ACCFS’s Glossary of Feng Shui Terms & Chronology (40 pages)
  • Handout/study tools (60 + pages)
  • Free assessment of your home ($480 to $1600 value)
  • A free book (one of Denise’s 3 books)
  • Lunch & refreshments

All course material (500 pages +), study-tool handouts (60 + pages), consulting book (80 pages, most are full colored-charts), ACCFS’s Glossary of Feng Shui Terms & Chronology (40 pages), a free assessment of your home, and one of Denise’s books are included in the fee. The consulting book alone is priceless, it has everything you’ll need including a checklist to conduct a professional audit of a home or business! Lunch and refreshments are also included; please let us know if you have special dietary needs.

Study material prior to class

After registering for the class, you receive some course material to read and study. This is to prepare you to get the most out of the class. It will be emailed to you in your confirmation letter which will also contain the class location, hotel accommodations, nearest airport, and other logistics.

Free assessment of your home

Once you have completed registration, email your floor plan, full physical address, names and birthdays of all occupants, plans or goals for the home (e.g. remodeling moving, selling, add swimming pool, starting new business, and so forth), and the compass direction (e.g. 125° Southeast) using your smart phone or compass, that your home faces to denise@dragongatefengshui.com. In the subject line put ‘Attendee: 3-Day Intensive’.

Professional Consultant Certification is awarded upon full attendance on the last day of the class. ACCFS teaches and holds tradition to the 400 year-old Wu Chang Pai lineage of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai (GMY).

ACCFS’s 36 Module/subjects will be divided as follows; this is not an exhaustive list:


  • History of Classical Feng Shui, famous masters and texts
  • Five categories of Chinese Metaphysics, the Cosmic Trinity
  • The nature of chi/energy and Yin-Yang principles
  • The secret codes of the He Tu and Lo Shu
  • Early Heaven Ba Gua & Later Heaven Ba Gua
  • Five elements (Wu Xing)
  • San Yuan & San He, the two Classical Feng Shui approaches
  • The 8 Trigrams/Guas scientific and symbolic language
  • The four Celestial/Mystical Animals
  • Poison arrows, four-point gold & interpreting form & shape in the environment
  • Correctly dividing up a floor plan
  • How to take a compass direction


  • How to calculate the male and female Life Guas
  • The two Life Groups (East & West)
  • What the good and bad directions indicate
  • Grandmaster Yap’s percentage code
  • The Life Gua Personalities
  • The eight different schools of Eight Mansions and classic textbooks
  • Advanced Eight Mansions for mixed Life Groups
  • Our lineage uses the Golden Star Classic Eight Mansions


  • How to generate a Natal Flying Star Chart
  • The Nine stars of Xuan Kong
  • Mountain stars and facing stars, what they mean and how to activate them
  • The 81 Combination of Stars (extracted from various distinctive classics)
  • Pearl String, Combination of Ten and Parent String Charts
  • Changing the Period of a building
  • Using the five elements to enhance and remedy the Flying Stars
  • The 24 mountains (facing directions) of the Luo Pan
  • Using Flying Stars and Eight Mansions simultaneously
  • How to Become a Professional Consultant

NEGATIVE FORMATIONS (involving real water/roads or mountain)

  • Eight Roads of Destruction
  • Peach Blossom Sha
  • Eight Killing Mountain Forces
  • Death & Empty Lines
  • Robbery Mountain Sha
  • Door Tilts to mitigate
  • Eight Roads of Destruction II
  • White Tiger Water (aka Eight Roads III)
  • The Four Destructions
  • Goat Blade Roads aka Triple Frighten Goat (bad romance, gambling)
  • Six Harms/Clashes

WEALTH FORMULAS (involving real water/roads or mountain)

  • Five Ghosts Carry Treasure
  • Peach Blossom Technique for Romance
  • Three-Harmony Doorways
  • GMY’s Internal 5 Ghosts Carry Treasure for an Home Office
  • 5 Ghosts Carry Treasure II
  • He Tu Roads
  • Assistant Star Water Method
  • Court Official
  • Sky Horse
  • The 48 Precious Jewel Lines degrees (PJL)


  • Three Killings (taboo for digging & renovations)
  • Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)
  • Year Breaker (Sui Po)
  • Calculating the Annual & Monthly Stars
  • The Five Yellow Star (disasters)
  • The Great Sun Formula (protection)
  • Health & well-being

MORE NEGATIVE FORMATIONS (involving real water or roads)

  • Eight Roads of Destruction II
  • White Tiger Water (aka Eight Roads III)
  • The Four Destructions
  • Goat Blade Roads aka Triple Frighten Goat (bad romance, gambling)
  • Six Harms/Clashes


  • The Piercing Mountain 72 Dragons
  • The 60 Dragons Method