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Bio of Denise A. Liotta-Dennis,
Feng Shui Master, International Author, Teacher & Speaker

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Known as the “fast-talkin’ Texan,”—an interesting and delightful oxymoron—Denise A. Liotta-Dennis, is one of less than 100 genuine Feng Shui Masters’ in America. She has been regularly featured on Sonoran Living Live, KNXV ABC 15 in Arizona and several radio stations. Born to a Houston entrepreneurial family, Denise, who possesses a quarter century of business ownership experience, is among a rare breed of Feng Shui consultants.

Growing up in the shadow of her father’s construction and real estate development companies, Denise discovered early in life an innate love of business lifestyles and entrepreneurship. With her dual affinity for the spiritual and the commercial, Denise is perhaps best equipped among consultants to help bridge the gap between our mystical and materialistic worlds, which often conflict if not brought together in a productive and coordinated fashion. In much the same way, her work is designed to help individual, real estate, and construction projects travel beyond worldly success and prosperity to the enlightened levels of harmony with the spiritual world.

Denise has studied with four noted Feng Shui Masters from China, Malaysia and Australia, including Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai and belongs to his 400- year Wu Chang Feng Shui Mastery lineage. A gifted educator and speaker, Denise offers both high energy and rich content, with a rapid-fire delivery that keeps audiences spell bound and wide-eyed at the edge of their seats, peppering her talks with a quaint southwestern humor.  Ms Liotta-Dennis’  first book was released in major national and international bookstores March 8, 2013 entitled Classical Feng Shui for Wealth and Abundance, her second book was released January 8, 2015 entitled Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships, and her third book will be released in December of 2016 entitled Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty & Longevity.

Denise’s books are sold in fine book stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.  They are offered online at Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and are housed in several American libraries. International online-booksellers in Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, Japan, Italy and Denmark sell her books in English. Denise’s books have received glowing reviews from Spirituality Today (formerly Insight), Goodreads, Dr. Grandmaster Stephen Skinner, and Publishers Weekly.