Change your life and those of others by becoming a master Feng Shui consultant!

The American College of Classical Feng Shui (ACCFS) is the training arm of Dragon Gate and was started out of a need for genuine information for those aspiring to be professionals. ACCFS’ courses are designed to mimic those of a contemporary college with a structured curriculum to facilitate students learning process. All 36 Modules place emphasis on sound theory with practical application to make you a successful and sought-after consultant.

ACCFS has professionally designed visual presentations that ensure students can understand and grasp the information effectively. No other school shows you how to organize and create a consulting book loaded with full-color professional charts and checklists that lend to confidence in using the extensive systems and formulas of Classical Feng Shui. The school’s 36 Modules embrace a comprehensive program that covers important theories from various classical Feng Shui systems including Ba Zhai, San Yuan, San He, and Xuan Kong. We’ll give you the insider secrets in applications of Classical Feng Shui. Our training courses will initiate or complete your skills as a well-rounded practitioner of authentic Chinese Feng Shui.

ACCFS also has the distinction of being the only American Feng Shui school that offers three courses on learning the Luo Pan (Chinese compass) as well as several classes on designing new-homes, commercial structures and master-planned communities. Each class includes exercises to augment the learning process. For more details about the classes, see the course descriptions. Also read our wonderful testimonials from thrilled students. First decide how you would like to study with us, we offer three ways.

Our training programs are suitable for:

  • Newcomers with little or no knowledge, who possess the desire to learn
  • Self-taught Feng Shui practitioners seeking formal training and new skills
  • Those who are confused about Classical Feng Shui and the ‘new’ schools
  • Experienced practitioners frustrated with contrasting theories, and seeking to refine their basic foundational skills
  • Those who have learned formulas but don’t know when or how to apply them

Three ways to become a master Feng Shui consultant:


If you’ve been searching the world on how to become a certified master consultant, ACCFS offers the needed education to consult with confidence in a 5-day intensive training course. This class is perfect for those who have full-time jobs or just want all the information at once. The class is conducted by Master Denise Liotta-Dennis with over 20 years experience and who learned directly from the world-famous Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai (the source of Lillian Too’s first few books). You will learn all Classical Feng Shui systems and methods including Eight Mansion (Ba Zhai), Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing), as well as Master Yap’s famous San He formulas including his much sought-after Water Dragons for wealth.

This program is suitable for anyone, including real estate agents, contractors, architects, lawyers, Feng Shui enthusiasts, interior designers, self-taught Feng Shui practitioners, builders, Feng Shui professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge, and those aspiring to a career in Feng Shui. This class is only offered a few times a year; see the schedule for 2017 and 2018.


Our public classes are held once a month in The Woodlands, Texas; these are live classes, not online. It takes 18 months to complete all 36 Modules and training day is $280 (for Modules 1-24) and $380 (for Modules 25-36). Two modules are covered every month; classes are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This is the slowest and most economical way offered. All course material, handouts, and color charts are included; field trips are separate. Certifications awarded.  Please contact about when the next class starts.


This is the most traditional method of learning Feng Shui mastery, often referred to as an ‘indoor’ student. It is a 9-month program taught once a week either in person or via Skype; Saturday or Sunday is an option if needed. The mentoring program is $1800 per month. This is the most expensive, but you get exclusive access to the teacher as well as being mentored to accelerate the learning process. While there are outstanding benefits to this program, acceptance is limited. Training days are from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM if live and from 9:00 AM to 1:00 if via Skype. All course materials, color-charts, handouts, and field trips are included. Mastery Certification and Diploma are awarded. I’m interested in this program, please contact me.

Course Descriptions

There’s so much more to practicing Feng Shui than meets the eye. Knowing the hard skills (e.g. Forms, Eight Mansions, and Flying Stars) of Feng Shui is not enough. It requires proficiency in critical areas such as application, calculation, good judgment, and a deep understanding of the ancient classics that can be very challenging for most practitioners. Our training programs provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the classic studies and formulas so that you can become a disciplined, focused and highly effective Feng Shui practitioner.

Module 1: Feng Shui Basics, Part I

In this first course you will be introduced to essential information needed to begin your journey into the world of Classical Feng Shui. Subjects discussed are the history of Feng Shui, famous masters and texts, the Five Categories of Chinese Metaphysics, the Cosmic Trinity, the nature of chi/energy, the secret codes of the He Tu and Lo Shu, taking an accurate compass direction and how to divide up a floor plan using the eight directions.

Module 2: Feng Shui Basics, Part II

This course continues with the all-important energy building blocks by learning all eight members of Ba Gua family, how to read the Guas and Yaos, the difference between the Early Heaven Ba Gua and the Later Heaven Ba Gua, the powerful principles of Yin and Yang energy, the Five Elements (Wu Xing) and the two major systems of Classical Feng Shui—the San He and San Yuan. Here you will discover the scientific and symbolic language of the Trigrams and how they are used in Feng Shui.

Module 3: Form and Shape

This course covers crucial landforms surrounding a site, and negative interior and exterior forms that can cause illness, affairs, bankruptcy, or divorce. You will learn how the shape of a building, road, mountain or water can indicate wealth, support in the world, fertility, and career advancement. Other exciting subjects in this module are concerning the Celestial/Mystical Animal Landforms, bad roads, storm drains, four-point gold buildings, wealth-depleting structures, sha chi and poison arrows, mountain chi and the affects of water placement.

Module 4: Introduction to Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai)

Simple, profound and effective! In our lineage we use the Golden Star Classic style of Eight Mansion (Jin Guang Dou Lin Jing), not Eight House Bright Mirror that is widely taught. That says it all for this excellent Feng Shui system that, based on your date of birth and gender, calculates your good and bad directions. You will learn how to use the best directions for your bed, desk, stove and doors; simple changes that can have a profound effect on your luck and opportunities. Subjects in this module is the history of Eight Mansions, how to calculate the Male and Female Life Guas, how to use ACCFS’ Eight Mansions charts, The Eight Life Gua Personalities, Grandmaster Yap’s percentage code, and what the good and bad directions indicate.

Module 5: Practical Application of Eight Mansions

This module continues with the very important uses and application of the Eight Mansions system. We will review Grandmaster Yap’s Eight Mansion codes, how doors, beds, stoves, toilets, desks, and more will affect your Feng Shui luck. There are several planned exercises to hone your skills with Eight Mansions and making an accurate assessment for the occupants.

Module 6: Introduction to Flying Stars (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)

In this course, you will learn how to “fly” the stars, and to plot a Flying Star chart. This Feng Shui system is vital in evaluating the energy of a home or building, and those who practice cannot imagine looking at a home without it. A Flying Star chart is very much like a person’s astrological chart - it reveals the energy of a structure. Subjects covered are the history and origins of Flying Stars, the time cycles of Xuan Kong, the Lo Shu pathway, how to determine the Period, establishing the facing, the components of a Natal Star Chart and flying the stars.

Module 7: Understanding Flying Stars

In this course, we will probe deeper in the world of the “stars” and learn the nature of the nine stars, the facing stars, the mountain stars, the four principle structures, and direct and indirect spirit. You will also learn how to activate the good stars and mitigate the negative energy of the bad stars. The course also reveals where to place water for any home or building for enhancing wealth and prosperity.

Module 8: Activating the Flying Stars and Eight Mansions

This course will reveal how to combine these two powerful Classical Feng Shui systems for the most effective result. You will learn the significance of the stars, how stars react in different rooms of the house, the importance of the toilet, stove, desk, fireplace, and bed placement. You will be introduced to the invaluable 81 star combinations (extracted from various distinctive text such as Purple White Scripts, Ode of Time & Space, Heavenly Jade Classics, and Time Space Mysticism), how to change a flying star chart, how to create the perfect kitchen, and the Health and Well-being of Xuan Kong.

Module 9: Advanced Eight Mansions

In this installation, you will learn how to use the advanced level of the Eight Mansions system using 15-degree increments of the eight directions. You will learn more about the Life Guas, the theory behind the calculations, and how to work with people and families who are different Life Groups. The Life Gua Zodiac Personalities (Gua number matched with animal year of birth) are also introduced; this is a more specific energy than the Eight Life Guas. Additionally, we will explore how to blend this information with the Flying Stars. 

Module 10: Special Flying Star Charts

This module will discuss three powerful, wealth-producing and relationship-enhancing Flying Star charts. The Pearl String (aka Continuous Bead); Combination of Ten, and Parent String Formations are special energy potentials that must be activated in a very specific way in order to extract the good luck and opportunities that they can provide.

Module 11: Chinese Characters and Symbols

In this course, you will be introduced to basic Chinese Feng Shui symbols for—the numbers 1-9, the famous 24-mountains, the five elements, and the 8 Guas, in Chinese. Additionally, you will be introduced to the 12 Animals, the 4 San He Frames, and the Stems and Branches. Learning to recognize these all-important images will support your efforts in learning this arcane, esoteric science.

Module 12: Introduction to the Luo Pan

Known as the “Universe on a Plate”, a Luo Pan is the quintessential tool in which to assess the energy or “feng shui” of a house.  A Luo Pan is no ordinary compass; this magical instrument has the power to connect us to the ancient knowledge of Feng Shui. The Luo Pan is the secret to applying Feng Shui correctly. In this course, you will learn how to select your first Luo Pan, how to care for it, ground your energy before taking a compass direction, and how to decipher its secrets.

Module 13: Becoming a Professional Feng Shui Consultant

This course will give you information on how to start your business, necessary checklists, and other Feng Shui tools, ideas for websites, brochures, business cards, marketing ideas and Feng Shui ethics and accepted practices for the industry.

Module 14: Serious Negative Formations

In this course, you will learn to identify caustic formations such as the Eight Roads of Destruction (loss of wealth and family), the Peach Blossom Sha Water and Roads (bad romance and affairs), Robbery Mountain Sha (robs energy of a home) and the Eight Killing Forces indicating disasters such as serious accidents, and loss of life. Also, the detrimental Death and Empty Lines (DEL’s) are discussed as well as a famous Asian technique known as door tilts.

Module 15: Wealth Formulas

In this course we will learn several wealth-producing techniques such as the Five Ghosts Carry Treasure, where it is said when applied correctly is like having five angels or spirits bring treasure right to your door. Also discussed are the Castle Gate Theory and Three Harmony Doorways method–both used to enhance opportunities money luck and harmony.

Module 16: Practical San He Applications

In this course we practice using the negative formations and wealth formulas through exercises. The exercises are designed to locate the bad formations (Eight Roads, Eight Killings, Peach Blossom Sha, DEL etc) and other exercises in which you will create them. We’ll do the same with the Wealth formulas—some exercises are designed so that you will use your charts to locate the formulas and others where you will create them. This class is a practical and powerful way to use the San He formulas and techniques.

Module 17: Advanced San Yuan

In this module you will learn how to calculate annual stars and monthly stars of the Flying Star system. Additionally, you will learn the four Shas that visit a site each year—the 5 Yellow, the Three Killings, the Grand Duke Jupiter, and the Year Breaker. You will be introduced to the Great Sun Formula used to mitigate and protect you against these sha energies when construction, improvements and repairs must be undertaken in the areas that they visit.

Module 18: Chi Distribution

This course will explore how energy is actually distributed in any given space, depending where the walls and doors are located. It is a technique rarely taught in most Feng Shui classes. There will be several exercises to demonstrate the stars that are active and those that are not. Master Yang’s 30 Principles of Xuan Kong are also covered in this stimulating and revealing class.

Module 19: Flying Stars for all Nine Periods

This course will go into the Flying Star charts for all nine periods. You will learn how each house-facing influence the occupants in very particular ways. Can the South produce entrepreneurs and the Southeast scholars? The six big schools of Xuan Kong Fei Xing are also introduced in this informative class.

Module 20: Flying Stars Advanced Analysis

In this course you will learn the many techniques used by Feng Shui masters to analyze and predict outcomes/events using the stars—there are at least six different approaches. In learning and mastering reading the stars, you will hone your skills at finding everything humans experience in a home—issues with health, money, family, co-workers, affairs, divorce, career advancements, and more.

Module 21: New-Home Design Part I

Rarely offered in public courses, this training provides techniques to design a home from ground zero. You will learn to start with what the land offers and then begin designing using the Eight Mansions and Flying Stars systems. We’ll discuss pricing and the use of a ‘Contract for Service’ agreement as it takes approximately one year to build a custom-designed home.

Module 22: Dragon-Gate Eight Formations

In this course you will learn how to use the power of the land by designing an effective Dragon Gate Eight Formation. The class is filled with demonstrations and exercises on the most practical ways to implement this wealth-building technique.

Module 23: Luo Pan Part II

In this module you will learn more coding of the San Yuan Luo Pan, some interesting history on Luo Pans, and an introduction of the San He Luo Pan. This course also covers how to measure the energy of roads and mountains with this instrument.

Module 24: New-Home Design Part II

In this class we will use all the formulas that you’ve learned to date in designing a home. You’ll learn to cross-reference your charts to create a perfect, custom-designed home for you clients. Learn how to use formulas for interior placement and exterior land formulas to create a Feng Shui dream home.

Module 25: Basic Water Formulas and Structures

This course is the building block for all water methods and discusses the correct water flow for all buildings and homes. You’ll discover the 12 growth & death stages of chi as well as the four yang water flows and the four yin water flows. The course also discusses dangerous water exits that can cause havoc.

Module 26: Advanced San He

This course will explore the wealth formula of the 5 Ghosts Carry Treasure II; White Tiger Water, Eight Roads of Destruction II, the Four Destructions, Goat Blade (aka Triple Goat Punishment) and the Six Harms all involve improper water placement (either real water or virtual water which is roads.)

Module 27: Advanced Wealth Formulas

In this class you will learn more wealth enhancing techniques such as the Sky Horse (speeds up good Feng Shui like a fast horse), He Tu Roads, Assistant Star Water Method, Jade Belt formations, Court Official, and Precious Jewel Lines (there are only 48 of these very auspicious degrees).

The next four Modules deal with analyzing mountains (incoming dragons); these are very specific formulas that allow the practitioner to ascertain how they may have a bearing on the people in the area. In different periods of time, our environment will affect our health, money and living conditions differently.

Module 28: Tan Lang Stars

This course will explore the theory and uses of the Tan Lang Stars (3 Auspicious 6 Elegance) which is used to assess the chi of mountains.

Module 29: The Piercing Mountain 72 Dragons

In this course you’ll learn how to assess the quality of mountains using the 72 Dragons and the 72 secret verses that are associated with this method.

Module 30: The 60 Dragons Method

In this course we will explore the three levels of this method with the Earth Penetrating 60 Dragons, Expanding and Contracting 60 Dragons (learning the secrets of the Na Jia) and the Equal Division of the 60 Dragons. Also, both levels (earth & heaven chi) of the 120 Gold Divisions are discussed.

Module 31: Advanced Land Embrace

This course you will learn very advanced techniques in which to interpret the misfortune and prosperity of the land and when it can happen.

Module 32: Advanced Design: Commercial Application

This course will delve deeper into advanced techniques for designing mega shopping centers, commercial/high-rise buildings, restaurants, hospitality projects, and urban development. The focus of this course is on landforms, external formations (natural or man-made), building foundation, shape of the structure/s, entrances, water placement, building materials, outdoor living spaces and chi distribution.

Module 33: Advanced Theories and Application

In this course you will learn the theories behind Eight Mansions (BaZhai), Grandmaster Wong’s Trigram Chart (which includes Eight Mansions, 5 Ghosts Carry Treasure & Assistant Star Water Formulas), the theory of Three Killings, the theory of Eight Killings, the theory of the Ba Gua Direct Match (Dragon +Facing) and learn how to plot Advanced Eight Mansions and the 4 Shas (Grand Duke, Year Breaker, Three Killings & 5 Yellow).

Module 34: Luo Pan Part III

In this course you will learn more advanced coding of the San Yuan Luo Pan, some interesting history on Luo Pans, and all the rings for the San He and San Yuan Luo Pan. This course also covers how to use it for designing water formulas and the ‘heaven’ plate or water ring.

Module 35: Xuan Kong Da Gua

This advanced level course will unveil the magic of the Big 64 Hexagrams (aka I Ching Feng Shui) and you’ll learn how to use it for site selection. You’ll learn the two important rings of the hexagrams on the San Yuan Luo Pan and how to unlock the treasure within! Xuan Kong Da Gua Date selection is not part of this training course.

Module 36: Grandmaster Yap’s Water Dragon Formulas and Design

In this exciting final class, you will learn the Water Dragon formulas based on the Water Dragon Classic (Shui Lung Jing) that made Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai famous. He learned this specialized system in Taiwan from his mentor, Master Chan Chuan Huai (also spelled Tan Chuan Hui). It is said that Master Chan’s clients are among Taiwan’s billionaires, including the Sugar King, the Cement King, and the Plastics King. The course includes the essential components in designing a water dragon for a private resident, master-planned community, or other commercial applications.

Testimonials for Classes & Services:

"What an inspirational and insightful art you present in your classes. Thank you for offering this very important and powerful knowledge with such a fun and generous attitude!  I am proud to be your student; and I am confident as a Master Practitioner because of your support and fantastic curriculum! Many Blessings!"   Katherine Gould, Texas & AZ

“Before attending Denise’s classes I thought Feng Shui was about painting your wall red for more fame, and hanging a few crystals here and there to bring money in. Westernized Feng Shui had not really done it for me.  Denise revealed in her classes concepts and formulas that really work and that changed my life and my bank account!  Denise’s classes are captivating. She is a wonderful caring teacher, and presents with humor. Denise makes it very easy for us to understand this profound ancient wisdom. I highly recommend her for anyone interested in discovering the true magic of Classical Feng Shui and how to use it for your home and office.”  Nathalie Ekobo, Scottsdale, AZ

“I have never met anyone as knowledgeable as Denise! She came to our house and fixed so many problems we weren't ever aware of. She's brilliant and the real deal. Denise practices classical Feng Shui so it's much advanced and accurate than Westernized. I found Denise so mesmerizingly smart that I signed up for her classes. She is so fun and witty and a generous teacher. Her classes are HARD, but she really helps you get it. I can never look at houses, floor plans, yards and streets the same way ever again. The best investment you'll ever make”. Lisa Walsh, Paradise Valley, AZ

“In 2007, I was in the middle of a nasty lawsuit, and Denise feng shui'd my apartment. I won my lawsuit in what seemed like insurmountable odds. As a result of all her knowledge and work, I studied with her for 2 years. I can't say enough good things about her. Her knowledge, experience, wisdom and kindness will win you over and make you a client for life. Contacting her was the best decision I ever made. I am so grateful for her and her expertise. Jennifer Bonetto, Laguna Beach, CA

Denise came into my life over 6 years ago and I have used her amazing talent's several times for both business and personal.  Denise's training and experience are unmatched in the Feng Shui world.  She has helped me sell vacant property, adjust my personal home for health and prosperity, as well as clearing my office space.  She has proven herself time and again, even to my very skeptical husband.  I would HIGHLY recommend Denise, and like others I, too, wish she still lived in AZ.  Although, I did pay to have her fly back to AZ to assess and clear my husband’s office space - that's how much I value her expertise!! Linda Carpay, Scottsdale, AZ