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Review by Spirituality Today Our Rating ★★★★

Our Review of 'Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships' by Denise Liotta Dennis

The greatest tragedy of modern society is the way that we have established our houses, streets and communities without reference to the surrounding environment; let alone with respect to principles of natural energy flow and geographical orientation.

Feng Shui expert Master Denise Liotta Dennis is more aware of the negative effects of houses built without due respect to their immediate environment. In her book, Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships: Design Your Living Space for Love, Harmony & Prosperity she reveals how poor or blocked flow of positive chi energy flowing through the rooms of our homes is largely responsible for the social, financial and domestic problems that we experience in our lives.

This is a remarkable supposition. It effectively means that, whilst we so often focus upon our own short-comings as individuals when dealing with our personal problems, the truth is that it may be the actual position, layout and geographical orientation of out houses that might be specifically responsible for our misfortunes.

In her book, Dennis strips back to the absolute fundamentals: how the ancient oriental practice of Feng Shui effects our romantic, sexual and emotional relationships. Whilst the connection between the position of your home and the health of your love life might at first appear to be rather tenuous, it should be remembered that chi—that vital force or energy of life that flows through all buildings, offices and places of leisure—also flows through us as individuals.

Thus, it could be said that we are what our buildings allow us to be. What then is it that really determines the quality of our lives? The author explains how, in Feng Shui philosophy, there are three types of luck that oversee the 'affairs of man'.

These are defined as 'Heaven Luck' (as determined by our own karma and destiny); 'Earth Luck' (controlled by the energy flowing through our lives); and 'Man Luck' (which is effectively the fortune that we create for ourselves through our own efforts).

The author describes how the energy flow through our houses is qualified through the ancient He Tu and Luo Shu philosophies. Further systems of classification that she works with include Wu Xing or Five Elements and the two Ba Guas.

Having covered the core principles of Feng Shui the author dives straight into the deep end by looking at the personally challenging experiences of adultery, extra-marital affairs and divorce; with reference to our external environments and how they impact negatively upon our relationships.

In direct contrast to this, the book also examines the role of the Eight Mansions and how they determine your Life Gua Number—a numerical key that can be used to improve the Feng Shui of your home. These in turn also relate to the Zodiacal Personalities as define in oriental astrology.

In part three of her book Dennis explores a lesser known aspect to Feng Shui which she refers to as Flying Stars or Xuan Kong Fei Xing. This, as the author explains, is a process that depicts the energy or events of a structure in the past, present and future. Advice is given in the book on how to determine the Flying Star Chart of your own home using a nine-square grid.

Feng Shui is a diverse and multi-aspected philosophy but, at its heart, it is one that does connect to issues of romance, love and the success within all types of relationships. The author reveals the specific Feng Shui secrets to improving these areas of your life using a wide range of advanced Feng Shui techniques and tools before closing with an extensive glossary of terms, an appendix, bibliography, resources and index.

In reviewing this book, I feel that it is important to explain that I know very little about the subject of Feng Shui. A couple of decades ago, I was caught up in the explosion of interest in the subject and ended up placing mirrors, crystals and plants in judicious locations around the home. They seemed to have a positive impact on the life and well-being of my family but I largely remained unconvinced.

The form of Feng Shui presented Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships: Design Your Living Space for Love, Harmony & Prosperity is a very long way from the world of Feng Shui I was drawn into reading and just the opening pages, it becomes immediately clear that this book touches upon a significantly more complex approach to the art than the simple placement of household objects in fortuitous locations.

This is not to say that this is a publication based upon pure Feng Shui theory for the author has done a good job explaining the practical application of the principles involved. I would love to have tested these ideas and techniques out for myself and to have woven my conclusions regarding their effectiveness into this review. Sadly, I am unable to do so as I currently live in a most unorthodox house imaginable—one that fails to conform to any orthodox Feng Shui practices!

Consequently, I am unable to comment on the efficacy of the advice offered in this publication. Instead, I am left assessing this book on its merits, or otherwise, of the information that it contains and I have to say that, on this level, it is faultless. Whatever you feel about Feng Shui, this is clearly a book that can only have been spawned from the pen of someone who has lived, worked, modified and honed down Feng Shui principles to a fine art.

Although many of the principles are complex, and sometimes rather dissonant to a Western mindset, the author has done a superb job of presenting her insights in clear, engaging and easily digestible ways. The inclusion of many tables and diagrams add greatly to the reader's understanding of the information on offer.

Despite the introductory insights offered at the start of this book, this is not a publication that is aimed at me or anyone else who has not had a fairly solid grounding in the fundamental aspects of Feng Shui. To get the best from it, I suggest you read a more introductory publication on the subject first.

If you have practiced some form of Feng Shui, I am sure that this will be an indispensable book of true insight into many Feng Shui techniques and how they specifically relate, but are not limited to, the world of relationships and personal fortune. Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships is a real revelation for those exploring modern Feng Shui practice. As a book in its own right, it is a very impressive achievement.”

Publisher's Weekly Jan 28, 2015

In Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Space (Harvest House, Jan.), Kathy Lipp offers practical advice for battling clutter--but not without first addressing the spiritual issues that underlie the zest to accumulate, such as the longings we try to fulfill with stuff and the fears that cause us to cling to what we no longer want or need. Likewise, in Love the Home You Have: Simple Ways to ...Embrace Your Style * Get Organized * Delight in Where You Are (Harvest House, Mar.) Melissa Michaels not only offers ideas and motivations for straightening up, decorating, and organizing, but also finds decluttering essential to spiritual well-being. “Clutter is what holds us back from living the life we want,” she tells PW. “Once we rid ourselves of the excess, we are freer to focus on what matters,” such as faith and family. Michaels also encourages readers to embrace the ordinary; even making a bed or deciding to clear the dining room table for dinner can make everyday life “more extraordinary,” she says.

Denise Liotta Dennis, a Christian and feng shui master, wrote Classic Feng Shui for Romance, Sex and Relationships (Jan.) for mind-body-spirit publisher Llewellyn because clients kept asking how their spaces could attract love and romance. Dennis says getting the chi (energy) flowing into our lives enables us to connect in healthier ways with everyone from co-workers to soul mates. She says her book offers concrete steps readers can easily follow: Simple things, such as changing the angle of a door “can change your relationships.”

Brenda Knight, publisher of Viva editions, another mind-body-spirit house, points to the spiritual dimension in Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Be More Productive, Successful and Less Stressed by Paula Rizzo (Viva Editions, Jan.). Rizzo illustrates how lists can aid in streamlining and organizing to get centered and reduce stress. Knight follows Rizzo’s advice: “The last thing I do [each day] is start a clean to-do list for the next day, and it brings me a sense of real calm.” She adds, “I don't see this [topic] going away, as it is really helping people on a fundamental level.” Knight calls the tendency for people to be “always tethered” to their work “soul-killing.” In contrast, tidying—which Knight calls “the new feng shui”--brings peace. “These books are filling a need we all have to find the stillness within.”

Review by Dr. Grandmaster Stephen Skinner

“Although much is made of the effect of feng shui on luck, prosperity, wealth, longevity, romance and family, there can be no consistent enjoyment of these things if there is no health. It is heartening to see a work of Classical feng shui published in America, especially one which deals with the very important field of health and feng shui (Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty & Longevity). Given that much has been popularised about other Taoist health arts, it is about time that the application of feng shui to health should also be recognised and given its proper place amongst these arts, and Denise Liotta Dennis has done a great job of clearly expressing it, going into great detail. In fact this book also makes a good general introduction to feng shui. She also correctly identifies the roots of feng shui in Taoism rather than the New Age Tantric Buddhist mixture commonly promoted in the US.

Before launching into the use of feng shui in health, Denise acquaints the reader with a wide range of mainstream and alternative modalities. Apart from feng shui influences on health Denise explains at length the hazards of EMF and other forms of radiation prevalent these days.”

- Grand Master Dr. Stephen Skinner


“This comprehensive book on classical feng shui advances the reader past the watered down, commercial clips of westernized feng shui, designed for quick and easy consumption. Master Denise Liotta Dennis delves deep into the theory and practice of feng shui and helps the reader understand its core concepts. Classical feng shui is distinct from some of the westernized versions, and she makes it clear how to tell the difference. With charts and diagrams as well as thorough explanations, she helps the reader to see what is possible to do on one’s own, and what elements should be handled by a master feng shui expert. She avers that mirrors, chimes, and tchotkies are not what gives feng shui its power, but rather an understanding of the elements and using them to the person’s best advantage. This book (Classical Feng Shui for Wealth and Abundance) is as comprehensive as any of Lillian Too’s and perfect for the person serious about gaining a deeper understanding of this ancient science.” Reviewed by Susanne Lilly, Jan 21, 2013, rated 5 of 5 stars  ★★★★★

“I've been interested in Feng Shui for a long time but never found a good, basic guide for understanding Feng Shui and applying it to my home and life. When I saw this book available on Netgalley, I hoped that this would be my gateway to understanding more about Feng Shui and I wasn't disappointed. The information on this book is very well organized and in-depth, with information not only on how natural formations can impact your life, but also the objects in your home. While I was aware that the direction your front door faces can have an impact on your life, I had no idea that where my stove or toilets were placed could have an impact as well.

Using the two types of Feng Shui (Eight Mansions and Flying Stars) and how to determine y I can apply the guidance to my house and hopefully make it more harmonious. Although I live in an apartment and I'm limited in any physical changes I can make, the book has many tips and suggestions to weaken or diminish any negative energies found in my home.

Of the two Feng Shui systems, the Eight Mansions was far easier to understand. All the information is well laid out in terms a true beginner like me can understand, but it's going to take some time to get a better understanding of Flying Stars and I look forward to studying it further.

Overall, an exceptional book for learning the basics of Feng Shui and I recommend it whether you're a beginner looking for an introduction, or a practitioner looking for a strong reference book and would make a great gift”. On August 8, 2016 Mystereity Reviews rated it ★★★★★

“Denise Liotta Dennis’s “Classical Feng Shui for Wealth and Abundance” is by far one of the best guides on Feng Shui I’ve ever read. The principles of Feng Shui and all of the dimensions with respect to the different energies, dimensions, and applications in the home, business, and even in choosing a community to live and thrive within are all covered in a nice overarching introduction. It may be a little overwhelming at first for the person who is new to the definitions and intricacies that are into this, but Dennis provides a nice, organized structure with an easy to follow narrative style throughout the work. Some of the principles with respect to qi, or chi – the energies associated with Eastern practice were terms I had learned in various degrees of my own education, but there was a nice overview of that towards the beginning of the book, and the expansion and application of these principles among others were well adapted. I would highly recommend this narrative for a both an informative and practical application into Feng Shui.” Reviewed by Rose, April 6, 2013, rated 5 of 5 stars ★★★★★

“I love Feng Shui. I am a huge fan of minimalist living, energy flow and Zen. So when I picked up Classic Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships I thought I was getting the same thing I have read over and over when it comes to Feng Shui books.

This book has substantially more information than anything I have ever seen or read on Feng Shui. It actually takes about the difference between classic Feng Shui and "western" Feng Shui, which you see more of. It provides in-depth details and more advanced tips. It reads almost like a text book, it is so packed full of details. I would re-cooked this book to anyone wanted to see more inside "real" Feng Shui”. ---Reviewed by Kimberly Fisher, November 4, 2014