Dragon-Gate has been working with homeowners and businesses for two decades. We offer numerous services no matter where in life you are at the moment. Looking to sell your current home and buy another? Or have you decided to stay in your home and do a bit of remodeling? Do you currently invest or plan to invest in rental properties?

While millions of people have used Feng Shui for their homes, few are aware of the enormous benefits Feng Shui can provide for a small business or a large to medium corporations. Dragon-Gate is highly experienced in all types of commercial projects such as urban development and the hospitality industry. Are you a business looking to relocate or remodel? Perhaps you need to find the perfect lease space? Or maybe you just want to improve the prosperity and harmony and efficiency in your current office by having a Feng Shui assessment.

  • Home Consult

    Home Consult

    Want better relationships, more money, win a lawsuit, find a partner, get a promotion, jumpstart a new business venture or…

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  • Sell this house!

    Sell this house!

    Why do some homes sell faster than others? Once your Realtor has decided the best price for your home, we…

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  • The Dream House

    The Dream House

    Harmonizing the energy and décor of a perfectly designed home is a heavenly marriage! A new-home design to create a…

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  • House Hunting

    House Hunting

    Don’t sign that contract until you put the home under the Feng Shui microscope! Before making the biggest purchase of…

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  • Auditing Existing Office/Businesses

    Auditing Existing Office/Businesses

    Where the boss is located in the office, will affect the entire company! Blood, sweat and tears or hard work…

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  • Office Designing, Remodeling/Expanding

    Office Designing, Remodeling/Expanding

    Feng Shui in these important projects will ensure your success with energy that supports getting rich! Incorporating Feng Shui when…

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  • Home Remodeling Projects

    Home Remodeling Projects

    Watch where you place new walls, doors, fire and water! Once you begin your demo—you’re really moving the energy of…

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  • Long-distance & Out-of-Town Consulting

    Long-distance & Out-of-Town Consult

    While nothing can replace an on-site visit, we offer long distance consulting for your home or business. We also will…

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  • Leasing an Office Space

    Leasing an Office Space

    Select a great space to grow your business. Don’t get stuck in a bad 10-year lease-space marriage! If you make…

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